The Alex Press

The Alex Press

The Alex Press platform is a community-based news platform developed as an initiative from the Creative Hub at the Alex Theatre Project developed in collaboration with Alex Read Theatre Performances Inc and The Toorak Times.

Why Now?

Over the last 18 months with the COVID outbreak and the fear of rolling lockdowns we have felt that our voice has not been heard and we know we are not alone when it comes to this. At times it has been hard to find the facts within the news rather than the spin that has been designed to bait a response.

Within the Alex Theatre, we have built a creative hub, people that are passionate about their projects and the community around the City of Port Phillip. With the guidance of Aleksandar Vass OAM, we will be launching The Alex Press and our hope is that it will find a voice within our community as it grows.

Our plan is simple, we build and support a platform and enable local people to contribute stories.



September 4, 2021


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