Supporting Arts in St Kilda

Supporting Arts in St Kilda

Donate Through the Australian Cultural Fund

We are calling for your help so we can extend our support further to local performing arts groups and artists in St Kilda through the Alex Theatre Project.

We love St Kilda and our community around the Alex Theatre, which is the home to a diverse array of performing arts groups and artists who are actively involved in the Melbourne performing arts community that has been adversely affected by COVID-19 in this the great arts capital of Australia.

To mitigate the ongoing negative impact of COVID-19, we are directly supporting arts and innovative projects to stimulate cultural, social, and economic activity that will get our artists and the associated support people working but we need to do more.

Your support will ensure the work we have started will continue and expand to assist with the reactivation of the arts ecosystem in St Kilda through projects such as:


  • Alex Theatre Company
  • Theatre Companies in residence
  • Alex Rocks
  • The Red Brick Wall
  • Tiny Tales
  • The Living Venue
  • The Writers Program
  • The Alex Film Challenge

And so many more that have been designed to develop a collective of creatives.


St Kilda has been the original wellspring of rock music, creative arts, and film in Australia, however, over the last ten years the once great entertainment hub in Melbourne has been on the decline. Six years ago, the Alex Theatre project was set up and impacted positively on the stabilization of business activities at the top end of Fitzroy Street. At the beginning of 2020 we launched an ambitious goal to expand the economic stimulus by linking live music artists and venues through the support of the Alex Rocks project… then in April COVID-19 hit.


As true believers in the power of the Arts we have increased our support of arts creatives in more genres with the aim to ensure a rapid activation in the arts and return to a reality that will create a dynamic and distinctive city through arts and cultural development by the linking together of artist and venues.

If you believe that the business of the arts can have a positive impact on St Kilda we ask you to support us in our mission to prepare for the reactivation of our home.

Your donations will be supporting an arts collective of creative:


  • Writers
  • Story Tellers
  • Musicians
  • Comedians
  • Comic Artists
  • Educators
  • Theatre practitioners
  • Dancers
  • Technologists
  • Filmmakers
  • Online creators
  • As well as one or two clowns


This will add to the future prosperity of an amazing part of Melbourne’s cultural life and in turn inspire the creative heart of St Kilda to beat once again with a strong sense of identity and belonging.


Also, while we have you, we are always looking for volunteers to join our Tribe… visit www.alextheatre.org.au/volunteer to find out more.

Donate Through the Australian Cultural Fund

September 25, 2020



Special Thanks

Aleksandar Vass OAM