The Alex Theatre Project

The Alex Theatre Project


The staging and touring of shows is part of our overall mission of Story Telling. One of the largest cost in staging shows is the venue, however, it is also in most cases a necessary requirement. From the Venues viewpoint, it is important to be able to attract viable product to stage, though without reasonably priced product the venue cannot afford to invest either.
As an actor, producer and global entrepreneur Aleksandar Vass OAM realised He was well-positioned to start a project to understand how to keep productions viable. The commitment to purchase venues for this project would ensure a complete understanding of all aspects would be gained and would form part of an overall solution.


The Alex Theatre project was set up to create a model for compact boutique commercial performance spaces that would not only act as hubs in communities for the Arts but innovative spaces to develop ‘Off-Broadway’ productions and innovation in the Arts. The design would have to be flexible and offer affordability in scale and comfort to the audience and promoter alike.


The project was set up as a 10-year trial to develop best practice in venue solutions with our overall mission in mind.


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December 24, 2019


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